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Software Factory Tab

In our software factory we carry out developments completely tailored to the Client, through technical specifications of the needs or components such as the interfaces that interact with their current software.

In the case of mobile applications for smartphones, these are designed to work on Android, IOS and WEB platforms, which are completely hybrid and work on 99% of devices.

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satisfied customers

Our methodology based on PMO (Project Management Office) consists of 4 simple steps:

#1 - Requirements

In this first step, our PMI meets with the Client's project leader. We format the requirements as well as the range and scope of the institution's needs.

#2 - Development (o) Analysis and Design

Once the requirements of the Client are determined, the PMI sends the design proposal to our Specialized Development Team. The SDT then develops the platform agreed upon.

#3 - Usage Tests

At the end of development, the PMI meets with the client once again and enters the user test phase with a goal of 100% reach. If not the case, adjustments are made.

#4 - Implementation

During the implementation process, the Client is aided by the PMI through "webinar" or in person (depending on need). Once implemented, we guarantee that the software continues to function in accordance to the predetermined scope.


Guarantee Our Project Management Office has the following guarantees:

Your software will always be available and working within your processes.
Once the project has been reviewed and analyzed, our commitment is to comply with the agreed times.
Attachment to Established Times
With our "Testing" methodology we guarantee that the software will work with the optimum speed and functionality for your users.
Speed and Quality

Specialized Products

Specialized Products

We have a portfolio of finished products in different specialties such as ERP and CRM, Productivity and Geolocation Applications, Medical Offices, Business Intranet's and Security Intelligence.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services to make your great ideas come to life. For specific requirements, we have a software factory and APP's to carry them out; or, if you don't know how to automate a process, our "turnkey" services will professionally advise you at the hands of an expert PMI. We are also your best option if you want to equip a device with smart capabilities (IoT).

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